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National Agricultural Technology Promotion construction with modern equipment and technology exchang

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28-29 June 2012, the National Agricultural Technology Promotion construction with modern equipment and technology exchange in Beijing successfully held the meeting was by the National Agricultural Technology Extension Center, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, the National Agricultural Information Engineering Technology Research Center, China Agricultural Technology Promotion Association jointly organized by the Beijing Agricultural Information Technology Research Center of Zhejiang Top Instrument Co., Ltd. in association with a national agricultural extension systems information technology exchange meeting. The conference theme was "relying on information technology equipment, innovative agricultural technology promotion strategies. The main task was to summarize the achievements of the 11th Five-Year "in China during the agricultural extension information technology work, exchange of experiences around the analysis of the situation and the problems faced by the agricultural extension information work," 12 "period of the main task of agricultural extension information technology. Participate in this meeting, the webmaster of the provincial cities and counties and part of the promotion, crop protection, seeds and soil and fertilizer and other unit heads and chief of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Heilongjiang Land Reclamation and the PLA General Logistics Department of the agricultural technology promotion department, some technology Demonstration Garden and the information and equipment on behalf of R & D enterprise, totaling more than 330 people. The Renchen Sheng bucket of the National Agricultural Technology Center, the secretary of Hangzhou Dapeng, Li iron Shen, deputy director, Ministry of Agriculture, Market and Economic Information, Deputy Director Li Changjian, Li Yun-volt, president of the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture Management Division of the farming agricultural condition at the Director Jiang Xiangmei attended the meeting.

Lichang Jian, Deputy Director in his speech recalled the development process, the Ministry of Agriculture on agricultural and rural information construction and analysis of the situation facing agriculture and rural areas of information technology.

Lichang Jian pointed out that the current agricultural information technology to develop celebrate opportunities, challenging and inspiring. The next period, agricultural and rural informatization facing five major missions, make great efforts to the needs of the First, the agricultural and rural information base compaction. Second, agricultural production, the level of information needs to be improved. Third, the industrial management of agriculture, information technology to achieve leapfrog development. Agricultural government management needs to a new level. Agricultural information services to create a new situation. In order to complete the five tasks, the current agricultural information work must be in accordance with the "three synchronization" to safeguard the effective supply of agricultural products, agricultural products quality and safety, increasing farmers' income as the goal to promote agricultural production and management information into the main direction of careful planning. " three major projects, "McKinnon engineering" Phase II, construction of agricultural information engineering and agricultural information services project, focus their efforts on three basic work, agricultural information evaluation, the standard of agricultural information and agricultural information system security. Li Changjian on the promotion of agricultural technology popularization of information technology for a four-point hope, it is necessary to fully understand the importance of information technology on the way of innovative agricultural extension efforts to study the rapid development of information technology knowledge; two to take full advantage of various input efforts to strengthen the basic conditions for construction of the agricultural extension system information; to fully tap the integration of agricultural information resources, and efforts to resolve the information service "first mile" problem; to actively assembly of things such as information technology, and promote agricultural production and operation The rapid increase in the level of information.

Chan Sang Doo, director of the work report of the General Assembly a comprehensive summary of the achievements of China's agricultural technology information technology, experience and the problems he pointed out that since 1986 the National Plant Protection Station of the purchase of the first personal computer of the system-wide, as well as the 1990s the end of the Chongqing Municipal Agricultural Technology Extension Station use this system, a paperless office system began, the national agricultural extension system has entered a new era of computer information.

To the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's agricultural extension information construction has made remarkable achievements in the initial formation of First National Agricultural information service platform. According to incomplete statistics, the provincial four systems of cultivation, plant protection, soil and fertilizer, seeds, establishment of the portal 69. 86% of the municipal agricultural sector, 50 percent of the county or city level agricultural sector has its own portal. The second is the development and application of agricultural technology information system with remarkable results. The past 10 years, the number of national information systems, such as the major crop pests and diseases digital monitoring and warning system, the phytosanitary computer management system, soil testing formula fertilization data management platform, gradually developed and widely used, seeds, plant protection, soil and fertilizer, agricultural condition data collection, reporting, processing and other basic network visualization. Advanced intelligent equipment and information service means to accelerate into the field of agricultural extension. Intelligent equipment, the use of intelligent information and equipment for the automatic moisture monitor greenhouse doll "or" greenhouse housekeeper, 3S technology, to achieve a real-time monitoring of soil moisture, the greenhouse environment, as well as wheat growth of the seedlings growing data transmission and processing, the first time on the air temperature and humidity within the soil moisture, greenhouse, growth of the seedlings growing of wheat to make a scientific judgment to guide agricultural production. Means of information services, with the development of modern communications and the Internet, SMS, voice hotline, remote video, microblogging, online, QQ interactive platform, multimedia, e-commerce technology means more and more into the agricultural extension areas.

Agricultural extension development experience in information technology: First, the leadership of attention is the key. Input increased protection. Third, technological progress is the support. Four close cooperation and help. Agricultural technology information of the outstanding problems: First, do not know. Second, inadequate investment. Third, information is scattered. Fourth, the team is not strong. Five is not enough co-ordination.

The bucket Director Mr Chan pointed out that, With the rapid development of information technology, information technology wave sweeping the globe, information, networking, digital is rapidly penetrated into various fields of national economy, has become an unstoppable trend. Agricultural information is an important symbol of modern agriculture, the year's first document stressed that "to highlight the focus of agricultural science and technology innovation and accelerate IT development and application, to seize the modern agricultural commanding heights".

Ministry of Agriculture to develop the agricultural and rural development of information technology "12th Five-Year Plan", and pointed out the direction for the next five years, agricultural and rural development. Facing the new situation and new tasks and new requirements, we must further clarify ideas, clear objectives, tasks, and promote agricultural technology popularization of information technology to a new level. Next period, the general idea of ​​the National Agricultural Information: conscientiously implement the strategic plan of the central government on building a new socialist countryside, develop modern agriculture, the guidance of scientific concept of development, the main line to serve the "three rural" closely around the Ministry of Agriculture's "do everything possible", "two efforts to ensure the goal, take the initiative to follow the development trend of agricultural information, as the starting point of a project to strengthen the information infrastructure, and strengthen information systems and equipment development and utilization of IT talents, and strengthen the integration of information resources to expand the joint, take full advantage of modern communications and IT work together to build the agricultural extension information service platform, the gradual establishment of the agricultural extension system to intelligent equipment and IT support. to enhance the agricultural extension work performance. Issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, National agricultural and rural development of information technology "Twelfth Five Year Plan", combined with the actual situation of the construction of agricultural extension information, the "12th Five-Year" period, China's agricultural extension information efforts to grasp the following the job. First, we must strengthen the agricultural technology information infrastructure. The second is to strengthen the agricultural technology information system development and application. The third is to strengthen the R & D use of modern equipment. The fourth is to strengthen the information service platform. To strengthen the construction of agricultural technology information personnel. Mr Chan fighting finally stressed that the agricultural technology information construction is a long and arduous task, ATM information work a long way to go, we must firmly grasp the trend in the development of the times, increase understanding, strengthen confidence, seize opportunities to accelerate development, and strive to open up agricultural The technical information of a new situation.

During the meeting, the director of the National Agricultural Information Engineering Technology Research Center, Zhao Chunjiang researcher well-known aspects of agricultural information specialists, information equipment and technology of agriculture, the digital soil testing and fertilizer, automated soil moisture monitoring, precision agriculture technology, intelligent agricultural information service platform, facilities, agriculture, environmental monitoring, and the Internet of Things, cloud services, agricultural extension in the application made presentations. Delegates also visited the the Xiaotangshan national precision agriculture demonstration bases and the agriculture of the countries of modern agriculture science and technology city of Things services platform. The deputies generally reflect the many participants of the meeting, rich in content, targeted agricultural extension in the future development of information technology will play an active role in promoting.