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Melon exchange exhibition in Zhejiang

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Zhejiang melon exchange exhibition was held in Hangzhou Xiaoshan. Standing Committee of Zhejiang provincial Party committee and provincial committee secretary Li Qiang in the top equipment general manager under the leadership of Yuyang Chan visited my company in Zhejiang melon dish exchange exhibition booth.

During the exhibition, Secretary Li visited our company agricultural meteorology monitor, seed testing equipment, plant nutrition, agriculture of networking, measuring instrument for soil moisture monitor and other products. Among them, the production of our company a soil moisture content monitoring system greatly appreciated, and to President Chen asked in detail about the soil moisture content monitoring system characteristics of the instrument and apparatus use. President Chen said:" the system can install 16sensor, using GPRS or GSM transmission mode, suitable for long distance between sending and receiving data, and a set of soil moisture monitoring network, the data is sent directly to the server administrator, subordinate all managed sites are available at. The system has been in Gansu Province, Hubei Province, Shandong Province, Zhejiang Province, Yunnan province and other places has played a major role, through which the instrument by means of a corresponding data can be uploaded to the computer for data analysis, the strong data analysis capabilities to allow users to understand the moisture change process, it can make users around the suit one's measures to local conditions take measures, ensure produce income." Secretary Li after Chen general introduction points out : crop seed is a national strategic, basic core industry, but also the development of modern agriculture leading industry. To agriculture, we must increase mechanism innovation, actively construct is dominant with the industry, the enterprise as the main body, base as the basis, combining production and research," Yo numerous push unifinication" modern crop seed industry system, and I hope that the company can give full play to its advantages, make persistent efforts, from the Zhejiang climate, soil, and agricultural production characteristics, development of more new agricultural equipment.



Through this exhibition, not only shows the excellent production equipment, but also the outstanding peer who learn a lot of valuable experience. My company and will make more efforts to develop more sophisticated instruments, in order to promote the Zhejiang province and the country's agricultural development play an active role.