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National seed molecules seminar held in Hangzhou

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16-17 October 2012, the national seed molecule detection technology applications and seminars held in Hangzhou. The meeting was chaired the giant vibration Director by the National Agricultural Technology Center branch. To attend the meeting with the leadership of the National Agricultural Center Union, deputy director Tang Kwong, chief expert of the National Agricultural Technology Center Liang Zhijie experts, the seeds of the Ministry of Agriculture Authority Zhangdong Xiao, Deputy Director of the seed terminus of Zhejiang Province Wang Hao webmaster as well as from the National Seed Quality Supervision the test Zhanfuzhanchang and Chief of total more than 60 people.

In the 16th seed molecule detection technology application and seminars held at the opening ceremony, the branch giant vibration Director as a moderator of the General Assembly declared the meeting officially began. Support the Director in his speech mentioned: China is a major agricultural producer and big country with the kind of crop seed industry is a national strategic and fundamental core enterprise, to the guidance of the scientific concept of development, promoting reform and innovation, improve the legal regulations, integration of crop seed industry resources, increase policy support, increased crop seed industry investment, strengthen market supervision, rapid promotion of crop seed industry in China scientific and technological innovation ability, enterprise competitiveness, ability to provide protection and market regulators the ability to build industry-led , enterprises as the main force base, a combination of research, "pushing the integration of breeding system of modern crop seed industry to raise the overall level of development of crop seed industry in China.

Then Tang Kwong-linked, National Agricultural Center, deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture seed Zhang Dongxiao Authority Deputy Director of an important speech. Director Deng light linked to "accelerate the molecular detection technology applications, and promote the healthy development of the modern seed industry" focus about the seed molecule detection technology of the development of the status quo, and fully affirmed the popularization and application of molecular detection technologies of advancing seed test the effectiveness of the new development made the. And re-emphasized at the meeting, four innovations as the starting point, to continue to play the role of four innovations ", to promote the development and application of molecular techniques, earnestly strengthen technical support to enhance the service capabilities to promote Modern crop seed industry to develop healthily. Zhang Dongxiao the Deputy Commissioner the seed molecule detection technology is a combination of domestic and foreign made a explain.

In the exchange of experiences of the workshop stage, parts of the seed Authority and seed stations on local seed testing, seed law enforcement and seed industry development, exchange of local work experience, including Shanxi agricultural seed total Zhanfuzhanchang Young Jun, Li Jian, deputy director of Liaoning Province seeds the Sichuan Province seeds Zhanfuzhanchang Wu Yuqian, the Hubei Province seeds deputy director Zhou Zhengming, Shaanxi Province seeds Authority Deputy Chief of YangJuan ni detailed report for the seminar the seed molecule detection work and experience.

TOP instrument as seed testing instruments producers to attend the meeting. Services in the crop seed industry, seed testing equipment and advanced detection equipment can improve the the seed detection accuracy and efficiency, promote seed testing capacity building, and to provide protection for the seed regulatory.

The seminar seed testing experts across the country to provide a good opportunity to exchange ideas, to comprehensively promote the development of the crop seed industry has played a positive role.