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The tenth seed double intersection

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October 25, by the National Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center, China Seed Association of the Tenth National Seed Information Exchange & Products Fair in Wuhan Science and Technology Exhibition Center grand opening, the opening ceremony by the National Agricultural Center Chan Sang Doo Director chaired the party members of the Ministry of Agriculture Zhang Yuxiang present and announced the Fair opened, Zhang Yanqiu Secretary of seed Authority of the Ministry of Agriculture of people attended the opening ceremony.

The seeds intersection to "innovation, cooperation and development" as the theme of the development of the new look designed to showcase industry, to build the platform of the seed industry, the creation of the famous brand of the seed industry, to promote multilateral cooperation in trade, the co-development of the seed market and achieve common prosperity win. The double rendezvous and exhibitors to participate in the seed of more than 300, more than 800 kinds of exhibiting all kinds of new varieties of crops and new types of seed machinery, testing equipment and other new technology (equipment). More than 2,000 participating companies, view exhibitions a total of more than 50,000 people, it was the largest event since 2003. Seed double intersection during the exhibition was also held the seeds Association Fifth Third General Council, organized a "Forum of the seed industry," Seed Industry Development Forum, "Seed Industry expert lectures, enterprise marketing management expert lectures" and other academic activities and seed industry conference.

Instrument Co., Ltd., Zhejiang TOP organizing committee invited as a special exhibition companies participated in the exhibition. People attended the exhibition personally led by Yu Chen Yang, general manager of the company, director of marketing. Seed double intersection inception in 2003, Top instrument has participated in the the ninth seed exchange of information and product fairs. Each session of the seed double intersection, have witnessed the achievements made by the TOP instrument in seed testing equipment. From initially to provide customers with a simple seed conventional testing instruments, the now, Top instrument not only own R & D and production of conventional testing instruments, molecular detection equipment and other precision equipment can also be provided for different customers, but also to provide customers with "crop seeds production operating license management methods, "a full set of equipment required.

The TOP instrument in the exhibition, carrying seed germination instruments, Clarity instrument purity instrument, moisture instrument, energetic and healthy instruments many for seed testing advanced equipment, including incubators, seed pulverizer single grain, PCR instrument, Clarity Workbench, fast computers moisture meter can meet different customer needs. Top instrument also brought the instrument joint Shanxi Agricultural seed the terminus production of agricultural seed testing practical technology "CD-ROM, and play in the field crop seed sub-sample spot - check technology", "crop seeds indoor inspection techniques, crop seed field inspection techniques, integrated management of crop seeds "feature films, a comprehensive, professional shows all the advanced technology of the agricultural seed testing.

During the exhibition, a constant stream of personnel came to the TOP the instrument stand Advisory seeds instrument, director of marketing and other warm reception every customer to come to counseling, and for them to explain in detail instrument purposes and instrument characteristics. Chan Sang Doo, director of the National Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, Hangzhou Dapeng, secretary, Deng Guanglian deputy director, chief expert Liang Zhijie, supported giant vibration Director and other people come to TOP Instruments booth guide, Yuyang Chen, general manager of the show to all the leaders to come the exhibitors brought a variety of seed testing equipment, and listened carefully to the recommendations of experts led.