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Soil hardness meter/Soil hardness tester

Product           Model:TYD-1

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:The Soil hardness meter has a direct effect on the permeability of the soil aeration, and soil properties of the large machine operations research. Soil hardness tester is very convenient and accurate. So it is significant for soil hardness meter testing in survey research and soil permeable soil properties of the large machine operation.

About Soil hardness meter/Soil hardness tester

Soil hardness meter/Soil hardness tester product description:

Soil Hardness Meter adopts theoretical value of pressure gauge Kg/cm²,directly measures soil hardness. For soil permeability, aeration and soil properties survey research. Ití»s very convenient and accurate to use this instrument.

Soil hardness meter/Soil hardness tester test method:
1. Level the measuring soil surface, then insert top part of instrument into the soil until (opening) part.
2. Vertically pull out the soil hardness meter and read the hardness indicating value of the meter.
After finished reading the measured value, drive rotary-knob, make the indicating meter to zero.
3. Soil attached to the inside of measuring head will make the measurements incorrect. Please clockwise rotate (opening) part, take down round sleeve, rotate to the fixed position after cleaning up, then can measure again.
4. Hardness indication range: 0-40mm, 0-500kg/cm²

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