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Starch analyzer/Amylose analyzer

Product           Model:DPCZ-II

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:• Amylose analyzer referred to as the Starch analyzer, which is a special instruments about determination of amylose content. Amylose analyzer can determine the amylose content of rice, corn, wheat and other crops. We will devote ourselves to provide the most comprehensive grain analysis instrument.

About Starch analyzer/Amylose analyzer

Detailed Product Description
PASS ISO9001certification
Testing object: rice, corn, wheat, all kinds of crops
Testing parameters: the content of amylase
Starch analyzer/Amylose analyzer product description:
The whole system is made of Amylase Tester and computer system connected by RS-232 which can collect and transmit datum. The whole system is controlled by the system software of Amy close Tester.
Starch analyzer/Amylose analyzer characteristic:
1. Adopt laser light tester and software system of CCD rice exterior quality image analyzing and indentifying,
2. High -accuracy ease to operate.
Starch analyzer/Amylose analyzer technical parameter:
1. Testing object: rice, corn, wheat, all kinds of crops
2. Testing parameters: the content of the amylase
3. Operating system: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
4. Testing time: about 1 min
5. Power: 2201V
6. Temperature: 20 C ~ 30 C
7. Unit: %
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