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Portable Colorimeter

Product           Model:CR-10

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:Portable Colorimeter Pass ISO 9001 Measure Range: L*: 10~100

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Portable Colorimeter Introduction:
CR-10, small and exquisite, battery-powered handheld portable colorimeter, it is applied for fast color controlling. To measure the target at first and then measure the sample, the color distortions data will display in the screen within 1 second (show by L*a*b and E*ab or L*C*H and E*ab). CR-10 can be connected to printer and the outcome can be printed out.

Portable Colorimeter Application:
It is suitable for rubber, plastic areas, interior decoration, clothing industry, and other fields.

Portable Colorimeter Technical parameters:
Illumination: 8/d(8ˇăillumination/diffusion lighting), including mirror reflected light
Measuring diameter: about ¦µ8mm
Display: (L*a*b*), (L*C*h), E*ab
Measure Range: L*: 10~100
Repeatability: Standard deviation less than E*ab0.1 (measurement conditions: standard white board)
Measurement interval: about 1 second
Standard color: a team of standard color for measurement input
Operating temperature and humidity range: 0ˇć-40ˇć, relative humidity below 80% (35ˇć), no condensation.