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Portable Colorimeter

Product           Model:CR-400

Product           Origin:China

Product Description:The CR-400 portable colorimeter with its 8mm measuring area is suitable for measuring reflected color and color difference in a wide range of industrial fields.

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Name: Portable Colorimeter
Model: CR-400
Portable Colorimeter CR-400 offers a huge number of added value features and improved versatility, while fully maintaining all optical properties and therefore, guaranties full data compatibility with the previous series. The CR-400, with its 8mm measuring area is suitable for measuring reflected color and color difference in a wide range of industrial fields. It is able to meet the needs of various applications, from all sorts of ingredients, foods, raw materials and finished products to pharmaceuticals and dermatological applications. CR-410 with large aperture of 50mm is perfectly suitable for testing samples structured or uneven in surface, such as granulates, fabrics, wood, stones, bricks.
°§ It is formed by measurement head and data storage processor DP-400, there is a high speed printer in the DP-400, and the measurement head can finish the measurement and storage itself
°§ It can freely set any evaluation formula and color calculation formula, and it owns manual correction and manual input standard color values.
°§ It is applied in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food, paint, rubber, plastics, printing, fiber, dyeing, ceramic industrial, residential, medical and academic fields.
Technical parameter:
Diffusion/0°„angle (SCI)
Wide area /0°„angle(SCI)
Optical element
Silicon-photoelectric diode (6)
Y:0.01 to 160.00% (reflectivity)
Light source
Pulse xenon arc lamp
Measure time
1 second
Minimal interval
3 second
About 800 times of test(According to KONICA MINOLTA standard)
Measure/illume aperture
ø8 / ø11
ø50 / ø53
Repeatability error
Standard deviation within Æ*ab 0.07
(measure 30 times with 10 second interval by white board measurement)
Within Æ*ab 0.6
Within Æ*ab 0.8
Measure the average value of 12 BCRC II boards
Visual angle
2°„ to CIE 1931 (x2¶ň, y¶ň, z¶ň)
Visual condition
C, D65
Display mode
color values, color difference value, qualification, warming and failure display
Tolerance determine
color tolerance (square / oval)
Chroma value
XYZ,Yxy,L*a*b*,Hunter Lab,L*C*h,Munsell (only for light C),CMC (l:c), CIE1994, Lab99, LCh99, CIE2000, CIEWI*Tw (only for light D65), WI ASTM E313 (only for light C),YI ASTM D1925 (only for light C),YI ASTM E313 (only for light C),User°Įs guide (up to 6 settings can be done from the computer)
Operating interface: English, LCD displayer: English (preset value) English/French/Italian/Spanish/Japanese
Chroma standard data
Correction channel
20 groups (ch00:white board correction, ch01 to ch19:User correction)
Display configuration
LCD with backlight (15 charsx9 lines + 1 line for icon display)
RS-232C serial port output for process or PC download
*Baud rate:4800,9600,19200 (bps),9600 bps(preset)
Power supply
4pcs AAA alkaline battery or Ni-MH battery;
AC120V~50-60Hz 0.4A (used in North America and Japan)
AC230V~50-60Hz 0.4A (Besides North America)
102 (W)x 217(H) x 63(L)mm
102(W) x 244(H) x 63(L)mm
Weight (approx.)
About 550g
About 570g
(The above weight includes total batteries°Į weight, but not include the weight of RS-232C cable)
Operating environment
Temperature: 0~40°„C,Relative humidity: <85%,no condensation
Storage environment
Temperature: -20~40°„C,Relative humidity: <85%,no condensation
Other function
Correct arbitrarily function(multipoint correction/manual correction), measure average value automatically, printer on/off function, measuring data input function, printing color space function, data protection function, backlight indicating on/off function, buzzing function, color top and bottom limitation regulation and control,          remote mode (storage data output), text (including text and digital) input function